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1 Hour Experience - This is a one to one handling and flying experience with a mixture of Birds of Prey.

£65 for 1 person

£120 for 2 people

1 Hour Owl Experience - This is a one to one handling and flying experience with a mixture of owls.

£65 for 1 person

£120 for 2 people

1 Hour Hawk Walk - This experience involves handling and flying a Harris Hawk around a woodland, witnessing and controlling the bird fly back and forth to forest branches.

£65 for 1 person

£120 for 2 people

2 Hour Experience - Fly and handle a mixture of Birds of Prey Or Owls followed by a 1 hour Hawk Walk.

£125 for 1 person

£200 for 2 people

3 Hour Hunting Experience - This is the definition of Falconry: going out with a trained Bird of Prey to catch game from the countryside. This experience will involve a team of Harris Hawks. Watch the these birds demonstrate their evolutionary techniques to flush game to hunt. This experience is only available during the Hunting Season from 1st October to 1st February. This is an active experience going through woodlands and around fields and we can easily cover 2-3 miles.

£130 for 1 person

£220 for 2 people

Photography Experience - Bringing your own camera and equipment, this personal experience is designed for you to take both natural static shots of the birds as well as dynamic flying images with a variety of backgrounds.

Prices, duration and group sizes vary - please see the PHOTOGRAPHY page under Experiences and Events.

Flying Displays - Observe a variety of Birds of Prey flown by the falconer showcasing aerial agility and natural hunting technique during an educational and entertaining event.  This is suitable for Schools, Fetes and Shows and any social outdoor event.
1 Hour £215

Educational Visits - Suitable for any group, club, society or organisation such as Schools, Brownies, retirement homes, youth clubs etc. These talks cover the history of Falconry and the birds natural wild lifestyle.
1 hour talk - £150

Weddings - Add a magic touch by having a barn owl gracefully fly your wedding rings down the aisle to the bride and groom. A full display or demonstration can be included for the whole wedding party.

Costs from £425 - £625

Summer Fetes

Suitable for any Group, Club or Organisation holding a event whereby attendance can be for the duration with a static stand for viewing the Birds of Prey and 2 x flying Displays of 15 minutes each.

Average duration 2.5 hours - £300

Parties - Want something different for a memorable day? Childrens parties and stag / hen parties covered. Book an educational and interactive experience for your day.

Starting from £150

Sponsorship - Sponsor any of the birds at Wye Valley Falconry as a selfie gift for yourself or a friend or relative and receive an amazing photo and fact sheet plus a price reduction for a future experience.

£55 for 6 months.

Corporate Activities / Staff Social Days - Leave the stress of the office behind and enjoy an educational and fun day out with your colleagues handling and flying the Birds of Prey. 

Unique to your requirement - please call to discuss details.

Wildlife Management - Have a pest problem? Where appropriate Wye Valley Falconry can utilise a hawk or falcon to deter gulls, crows, pigeons and starlings at areas such as factories, trading estates, schools, airports, farms, football stadiums etc.

Please call to discuss details. 

Gift Vouchers are available

Travel Costs

The first 20 miles of the overall return journey are free.

Thereafter there will be a charge of 45p per mile.


Experiences booked by or for under 18s must have an accompanying adult.

There will be a £12 charge for anyone wishing to spectate. 

Gift Vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase and are not refundable.

Sponsor Scheme Vouchers are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase are not refundable 

Cancellation Policy and other Factors

Weather - Birds of Prey are predators that can fly in a variety of weather conditions. However, sometimes the weather can cause problems for both the birds as well as the Falconer. Therefore if conditions are not right for either, a booked experience can always be postponed to another suitable date.

If you have an experience scheduled and some other factor affects your day Wye Valley Falconry will allow it to be re-programmed.

Failure to notify of non-attendance for a booked event will result in the loss of payment.

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