Aero is new to the team and is a Gyr X Saker Falcon. She is larger than other Falcons and popular in the Middle East. 


Florry is a Barn Owl and will be an important member of the team for wedding services.


Taz is a Boobock Owl from Australia and New Zealand. They are fast owls evolved for quick bursts of speed to capture prey.


Spike is a Northern Goshawk. He is 5 years old and is an important member of the Hunting Experience. 


Beautrice is a Peregrine- Lanner Falcon. She is 1 years of age and she is a member of the fastest animals to have ever lived.


Chester is the second Harris Hawk for WVF. The intent is to use him with Aztec to show how packs of Harris Hawks hunt in the wild. 


Aztec is a Harris Hawk. He is 12 years of age. These are the most popular bird used in the sport of falconry.


Trench is a White-Faced Owl that originates from North Africa.


Basil is a African Spotted Eagle Owl. He is unusual as this species of owl spends a lot of time on the ground.

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